What happens when you give a 2 year old a camera

Since my daughter always wanted to play with my big DSLR camera and always wanted to see photos on my phone, I decided it was maybe time that she try using a real camera herself.

I had an old point-and-shoot camera lying around that I wasn’t using anyway, so we brought it to Cyprus with us and this was the result.

Laasti, Cyprus
Laasti, Cyprus – as seen by a two-year-old



There were lots of pictures of her legs and her feet….



Some feet and a view of the beach
Some feet and a view of the beach
A leg
More legs
More legs



Some photos that weren’t quite framed right…



Somebody on the pier
Somebody on the pier
Someone at a museum



But, there were some actual winners…



A winning photo
Pottery from her perspective

It took a bit of coaching on how to press the button long enough for it to focus and I’m still not sure she fully understood. However, she seemed to have fun with it and it kept her occupied while we took our own photos.

I think next year she will be more ready to learn how to do it properly, but it was still worth bringing the extra camera along. I think it will be interesting for her to see these photos when she’s older…


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