New Decade, New Look

When I started my blog just under 10 years ago, it was on a site called Fuzzy Travel and it was meant just to be for a summer working and travelling in Europe. Then I went to Europe again and moved the blog over to WordPress for a more professional looking blog. I never imagined I’d keep writing and I’d have a problem with the title (Twentysomething traveller)!

When I look at the world map I am really proud of all the places I have visited and lived, even though there are still so many places to go and visit.

Being well traveled gives you a unique experience that you don’t get in school. It is completely different to read about the effects of communism in Cuba and be standing there in awe as cars from the 1950s roll down the Malecón in Havana. It opens your eyes to art, religion, language, culture – so many things that are just footnotes in a traditional education, but add so much value to your understanding of humanity.

However, the most learning that comes from travelling is learning about yourself. In my twenties I have travelled solo, with family, with friends, in a couple and with a baby. All of these are different experiences that teach you how to be a better person and what things you don’t like doing. You also learn from your mistakes, because they are bound to happen.

Holidays aren’t always the fantastic pictures that appear in Facebook. Those are just snippets of the best parts. It’s easy to edit out the diarrhea, getting lost and rainy days from our travel stories that we share with others. But this is also the way the human brain works – over time the bad moments fade away and we get more sentimental about the good moments. I asked my husband about our trip to Malta in December and what we did on the rainy days – he said he doesn’t remember those days. He just remembers the days we were outside in just a sweater in the sun.

Today, I am launching a new look and new title for my blog, because just because I turned 30 doesn’t mean that I am going to stop travelling 😉


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